D.J.M. Swim School / Appeal
D.J.M. Swim School Appeal

DJM Swim needs financial support in order to continue bringing water based exercise into the reach of those with disability and special needs.

We believe that it is not only individuals that benefit from our services, but the support we provide makes a positive difference to the wider communities our clients come from.

If you know of somebody that might benefit from aquatic activity lead by experienced and caring instructors, or if for any reason you would like to help our school continue to deliver these valuable services, please contact Darren at djmswim@hotmail.com.

DJM Swim needs funding to continue to function and also to expand in order to bring its services into the reach of more of Adelaide's deserving and potential clients. If you or your organisation is in a position to contribute, any amount that you are comfortable giving will be gratefully received, and will be used to directly benefit our valued clients.

Thank you from DJM Swim.